AUGUST 1, 2020 - Over time, we have lost communication with our community due to changes to our contact information on file. We would like to use this time as an opportunity to update our contact information of all the members of the EOEE community. In addition, we are having a difficult time finding new team members. If you have never served on a team and would like to serve, we need to know. THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT YOUR INFORMATION TO BE UPDATED IS AUGUST 31, 2020. The new distribution email will be used beginning September 1st, 2020. 

Please click this link and submit your information! 

If you need to reach someone on the board please navigate to this page where all email addresses are listed. 

If you have ANY other questions please send an email to

Upcoming Walks

Chrysalis Flights


Upcoming Flights:

Boys Flight - TBD

Girls Flight - TBD

Previous Flights:

Boys Flight - Jan 18-20, 2020

Girls Flight - Feb 15-17, 2020


Men's Walks

Walk #98 - TBD

Leader - Charlie Brechmacher

Walk #99 - TBD

Leader - Jim Grafe

Walk #100 - TBD

Leader - Perry Atkinson

At Camp Wanake


Women's Walks

Walk #98 - TBD

Leader - Phyllis Nicholson

Walk #99 - TBD

Leader - Michele Atkinson

Walk #100 - TBD

Leader - Barbara Shilling

At Camp Wanake


Psalm 112:7

"They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts

are steadfast, trusting in the Lord."