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Please be in prayer for the Pilgrims of Walk 88


Men's Walk - May 28-31

** No applications will be accepted after May 21st

Whom is God calling you to sponsor?

Tom Boggs
Aaron Boyes
Bob Clark
Haldene Douglin
Mike Fetters
Jacob Holibaugh
Nate Jackson
Frank Johnson
Steven Kitchen
Ray Martin
Matt Molnar
Steve Nelson
Denny Ravine

- 13 -


Women's Walk - June 4-7

** No applications will be accepted after May 28th

Ask God if you are supposed to be sponsoring someone...

Beth Beechy
Eileen Billings
Lizzy Boggs
Doris Boughton
Wendy Boyes
Denise Braziel
Bernice Corley - Added 5/25
Mary Dunn
Kristy Essinger
Pam Ferguson
Judy Fichter
Aimee Hare
Barbara Jones - Added 5/23
Jean Kincaid
Tami Lindsay
Susan Neddy-Scopelite - Added 5/28
Paula Neff
Vicki Nelson
Regina Ravine
Barb Sladek
Vanessa Spring
Leslie Strobl
Cliffie Thompson
Becky Tope
Amber Vaughn - Added 5/27
Jeannie Ward

- 26 -

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